A brief History

In 2007 while attending a pirate-themed corporate event, I happened to make myself look like a famous pirate character. Someone approached me with the idea of doing birthday parties as said pirate, and the rest they say.. is..history, savvy?

Since then I have braved the "high seas" of Minnesota's lakes and rivers, roamed festival grounds, strolled through parades, attended a few pirate themed parties and events, and have entertained pirate fans of all ages.

My Mission


So what can you expect when I show up at your event?  Well, just about anything really. I may tell a joke or two.  Someone always wants to take one of those picture things, or quote a line from one of my adventures. It’s all good to me. Rest assured, everyone will be thoroughly entertained. Sometimes I relic in poking fun at myself or whatever I find odd in my immediate surroundings. Then of course, there is the never ending story of why the rum is always gone, why my compass does not point north, and how my ship the Black Pearl was once again stolen from me. I may even lead the crowd in a little: “yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me". The content that is presented is always age appropriate. I love pirate themed events where I can mingle and tell stories of adventures from the high seas (especially about the one where I strap two sea turtles to me legs). I also enjoy emceeing events and telling a few “groaner” pirate jokes. I never turn down an opportunity to be near the water or on a boat cruise. That is when I am at my best, I am a captain, savvy?